Dr. Loss Free Multimillionaire School

Dr. Loss Free Multimillionaire School


The core mission of the DrLossFreeMultimillionaireSchool.com program is to transform every life long participant, especially young adults and children into multimillionaires at no cost, or very little cost, to that life long participant.

You as a life long participant will become a multimillionaire with a 95%+ certainty at virtually no cost to yourself, guaranteed.

This is our promise to you!

 Dr. Loss

The Dr. Loss Free Multimillionaire School program is based on three things:


95%+ of people will become multimillionaires who daily save small sums of money to build a growing base of investment capital.

Knowledgeably invest that capital. Reinvest the profits. Do this as an enjoyable hobby/habit for the rest of their lives (50 to 65+ years) and avoid doing stupid things.


2. Dr. Loss Wealth Acquisition Formula:

 Wealth Acquisition Formula

3. Dr. Loss Wealth Acquisition Formula Adapted to Drip Investing Level 1

Drip Investing at Level 1









Thus our goal is to plant the seed in the mind of every life long participant, if they save small sums daily (their coffee can savings plan), knowledgeably invest that money (we will teach them how to do that), reinvest the profits, do this as an enjoyable lifetime endeavor, (50 to 65+ years), and avoid doing stupid things, it is almost impossible not to become a multimillionaire.